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Why Choose Nitrogen Generators To Fill The Benefits Of Food
Jul 17, 2017

In the food bag filled with nitrogen, isolated food, fruit and other air contact with the ground, to prevent the atmosphere and a variety of packaged food direct contact caused by food oxidation, fading, corruption and a variety of mold, bacteria on food Infringing, thus ensuring the freshness of packaged food, extended packaging food storage cycle! This method, because the special physical properties of nitrogen is different from the chemical anti-corrosion treatment, so will not leave any residue.

At present this package has been widely used in potato chips, dried meat, fresh fruit, vegetables, nuts, biscuits and other food packaging! Such a good packaging effect and the resulting economic benefits have been recognized by food manufacturers and users. In people often used in the beverage tea packaging filled with a certain amount of nitrogen, so that it is isolated from the air, this type of tea after a year of color is still new, tea overflowing! Tea is not a new tea? Chen tea And did not carry nitrogen-filled tea leaves in a short period of time when the leaves turn yellow, the taste is shaking his head ... ... This case is sufficient to explain the role of nitrogen in the food packaging is unusual.

In the food storage and transportation, the role of nitrogen is even more amazing. Traditional foodstuffs are treated by chemical Dong to prevent insects from being infested. The use of nitrogen storage, it is completely physical properties of the storage method, will not leave any residue, combined with nitrogen is inert gas, no hidden dangers. So this method is healthy, economical and safe and reliable, can be described as two birds with one stone In the storage and transportation of fresh fruits and vegetables, the respiration rate of these deposits will decrease when the temperature is adjusted to a good refrigerated temperature suitable for the stock, but still breathe, and some of the substances that can cause chemical changes remain In the production of chemical changes ... ... how to do it? After repeated practice results show that the storage tank to nitrogen to balance the carbon dioxide, oxygen, etc., the storage is almost no such phenomenon. In contrast, nitrogen storage is longer than the shelf life of non-nitrogen storage for at least ten months. On the apple, bananas, pears, oranges and other perishable fruit substances, nitrogen storage effect is particularly significant. Than the use of chemical preservatives brought about by the economic and social effects is extraordinary. At present this law has been many domestic and foreign manufacturers and businesses, farmers used. Nitrogen in the metal nitriding treatment; cable production process of nitrogen protection; electronic products, medicine, petrochemical and other aspects of the application is everywhere! Therefore, the choice of nitrogen machine not only to provide you with high purity nitrogen, and low cost of nitrogen production, for you to save a lot of costs, so that you as soon as possible to recover the cost, access to the corresponding economic benefits!