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The Technical Characteristics Of Oxygen Generator
Jul 17, 2017

The principle of industrial oxygen machine is the use of air separation technology, first of all air to high-density compression and reuse of air in the composition of the different points of the condensation point to a certain temperature in the gas-liquid separation, and further distillation derived.

It is characterized by oxygen directly increase the arterial oxygen content, rather than acting on a part of the body indirectly improve hypoxia, but in the body has been increasing since the continuous intake of oxygen. There is no body for the strange, need to adapt, the need to analyze the material, and thus only improve the body rather than change the natural physiological state and biochemical environment. Low-flow oxygen therapy and oxygen care without special guidance to the effect of fast and certainly beneficial and harmless, oxygen therapy has the effect of timely alleviation of hypoxia symptoms, to eliminate the cause of hypoxia is only part of the gradual and progressive role. For the correction of physiological hypoxia and environmental hypoxia, prevention and treatment due to environmental hypoxia caused by the disease, oxygen therapy is the main means. For correcting pathologic hypoxia, oxygen therapy is an important adjunct. For emergency rescue, oxygen therapy is one of the important means.