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The Role Of Nitrogen
Jul 17, 2017

In the national economy and daily life, nitrogen has a wide range of uses. First of all, the use of its "character lonely" features, we charge it in the light bulb, to prevent the oxidation of tungsten wire and slow down the evaporation rate of tungsten wire to extend the life of the lamp. It can also be used to replace the inert gas for welding metal protection gas.

In the museum, often some valuable and rare pictures, books kept in a cylinder filled with nitrogen, so that the worm can be suffocated in the nitrogen. The use of nitrogen to make food in the dormant and hypoxic state, slow metabolism, can achieve good pest control, mildew and anti-metamorphism effect, food pollution, management is relatively simple, the cost is not high, so in recent years, progress faster. At present, Japan and Italy and other countries have entered the small production test stage. In recent years. Many areas of our country also use nitrogen to save food, called "vacuum nitrogen storage grain", can also be used to save fruit and other agricultural and sideline products.

The use of liquid nitrogen to the scalpel cooling, it becomes a "cold knife." Doctors with "cold knife" surgery, can reduce bleeding or no bleeding, patients can recover faster after surgery. The use of liquid nitrogen for the treatment of skin diseases, the effect is also very good. This is because the liquid nitrogen gasification temperature is -195.8 ℃, therefore, used to treat superficial skin disease is often very easy to make the lesion at the skin necrosis, shedding. In the past dermatology often "dry ice" treatment of hemangioma, although the same intention, but the cold far less than liquid nitrogen. Treatment of tuberculosis "artificial pneumothorax", but also the nitrogen (or air) into the thoracic cavity of patients with tuberculosis, compressed lesions of the lungs, so that it is rest.

Now, people also use liquid nitrogen to produce low temperature, to save the sperm of the improved livestock, storage and transportation, thawed and then used for artificial insemination. Such as the Guangxi Provincial Fisheries Research Institute of liquid nitrogen storage salamander fish semen, was successful. Nitrogen or an important chemical raw materials, can be used to produce a variety of fertilizer and so on.

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