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Selection Of Nitrogen Generator
Jul 17, 2017

Nitrogen production of hydrogen equipment to liquid ammonia as raw material, after the vaporization of ammonia heated to a certain temperature, under the action of the catalyst, ammonia decomposition into hydrogen and nitrogen mixed gas, liquid ammonia gasification preheated into the catalyst with a catalyst , In a certain temperature and the role of the catalyst under the decomposition of ammonia, resulting in 75% hydrogen, nitrogen 25% of the mixture, the gas through the heat exchanger and cooler and flowmeter, can be purified or directly used.

To fully decompose ammonia, the following conditions must be met:

1, timely and full supply of a large number of heat sources.

2, the better catalyst.

3, liquid ammonia purity of 99.8% or more.


(1) Water saving:

Cape company nitrogen production of hydrogen equipment requires only a small amount of process water, effectively save water, and the use of decomposition gas heat to ammonia preheat, to achieve power saving purposes.

(2) rapid replacement of resistance wire:

Cape company nitrogen production equipment, resistance wire structure for the plug-type, in the case of non-stop gas can be easily replaced, just a few minutes can be changed, to avoid the traditional structure to be stopped at least one day after the demolition of furnace demolition.

(3) less investment and easy to use:

Technology is mature, compact structure, the overall skid, small footprint without infrastructure investment, easy operation, low prices, for the extraction of pure hydrogen is still very high economy, the scene only need to connect the power supply, gas source can be made of hydrogen.

(4) the use of a wide range:

Can meet the needs of most of the use of hydrogen, especially in the metal heat treatment, powder metallurgy, electronics and other leading areas have been widely used.

(5) Low operating costs:

Low investment, liquid ammonia raw materials cheap, low energy consumption, high efficiency, low operating costs, nitrogen and nitrogen mixed atmosphere is the most economical source of mixed atmosphere.