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Nitrogen Purity Of Nitrogen Generator
Jul 17, 2017

Can only be filled with nitrogen, the ambient temperature of 20 ℃ / 68 ℉ inch, the accumulator of the standard pressure of 55kg / cm2 / 780PSL, can not be filled with nitrogen. Psa Nitrogen Plant Accumulator When filling nitrogen with nitrogen, you must use a pressure gauge to fill the accumulator with nitrogen. Make sure that the accumulator body is in good condition and that the cover is fully tightened. To ensure that the pressure gauge switch and relief valve is completely closed; the accumulator on the plug after the screw, and then tighten the inflatable valve; confirm the adapter on the o-ring is installed, the accumulator plug After removing the connection with the three-way valve, tighten the nut.

The demand for carbon molecular sieves is increasing, which will further promote the development of the industry. Over the next few years, this industry will become well known from a rare industry. Secondly, with the increase of application depth, the requirement of nitrogen production, nitrogen recovery, bulk density and compressive strength of carbon molecular sieve is getting higher and higher, and further improvement of product performance index will be the future development of this industry. trend.

Therefore, microelectronic devices, pharmaceuticals, biotechnology products and instruments on the process of gas purity requirements are very strict. The requirements for the production of nitrogen for the injection of nitrogen for the injection of nitrogen, nitrogen generator production of nitrogen does not contain dust and heat; require nitrogen system nitrogen purity requirements of 99% to 99.99%; require nitrogen in the production process to maintain Constant pressure supply, to ensure the normal operation of production.