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Nitrogen Generator System Principle
Jul 17, 2017

(PSA) is an advanced gas separation technology. High-quality imported carbon molecular sieve (CMS) is used as adsorbent, and the high pressure is obtained by separating the air at room temperature by pressure swing adsorption principle (PSA) Of nitrogen.


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Nitrogen generator system principle

The diffusion rate of oxygen and nitrogen gas molecules on the surface of molecular sieve is different, the diffusion rate of gas molecules with smaller diameter is faster, and the diffusion rate of gas molecules (N2) Slow, into the carbon molecular sieve pores less. The use of carbon molecular sieve for nitrogen and oxygen adsorption of this difference, resulting in a short time in the adsorption of oxygen in the adsorption phase, nitrogen enrichment in the gas phase, such as oxygen separation, PSA conditions in the gas phase to get nitrogen.

Carbon molecular sieve on oxygen and nitrogen at different pressures at a certain time the amount of adsorption changes in the curve:

After a period of time, the adsorption of oxygen on the molecular sieve to balance, according to the carbon molecular sieve at different pressures on the adsorbed gas adsorption capacity of different characteristics, reduce the pressure of carbon molecular sieve to remove the adsorption of oxygen, the process for regeneration. According to the different regeneration pressure, can be divided into vacuum regeneration and atmospheric regeneration. Atmospheric regeneration is beneficial to the complete regeneration of the molecular sieve, easy to obtain high purity gas.

PSA nitrogen generator (PSA nitrogen generator) is designed and manufactured by pressure swing adsorption technology, the production of nitrogen equipment. Usually using two adsorption tower in parallel, by the automatic control system according to a specific programmable strict control of the timing, alternating pressure adsorption and decompression regeneration, complete nitrogen and oxygen separation, access to the required high purity nitrogen.

The dynamic adsorption capacity and separation coefficient of carbon molecular sieve (CMS) determine the quality of nitrogen generator.