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Characteristics Of Nitrogen Generator Equipment
Jul 17, 2017

(1) nitrogen production convenient:

Advanced technology, unique air flow distributor, so that the distribution of air more uniform and efficient use of carbon molecular sieve, 20 minutes or so

Provide qualified nitrogen. The same time as the above-

(2) easy to use:

Equipment, compact structure, the overall skid, small footprint without infrastructure investment, investment, the scene simply connect the power to make nitrogen. The same time as the above-

(3) more economical than other nitrogen supply methods:

PSA process is a simple method of nitrogen, air as raw material, energy consumption is only the energy consumed by the air compressor, with the operation into

This, low energy consumption, high efficiency.

(4) mechanical and electrical integration design to achieve automated operation:

Imported PLC control fully automatic operation, nitrogen flow pressure purity adjustable and continuous display, can achieve unattended. The same time as the above-

(5) the use of a wide range:

Metal heat treatment process of the protection of gas, chemical industry production gas and various types of storage tanks, pipeline nitrogen cleaning, rubber, plastic products

The production of gas, the food industry Oxygen fresh packaging, beverage industry purification and cover gas, the pharmaceutical industry nitrogen filling and container nitrogen nitrogen row

Oxygen, electronics industry, electronic components and semiconductor production process protection gas. Purity, flow, pressure stability and adjustable to meet different customers the need.