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What is the principle of household oxygen machine
Jul 17, 2017

Oxygen is the necessary material for human survival, breathing fresh oxygen helps to relieve stress, for the treatment of many diseases have a great help, home oxygen machine also began to enter people's field of vision. So what is the principle of home oxygen machine?

What is the principle of home oxygen machine? Common home oxygen machine mainly has the following, their principles are:

1, electronic oxygen machine

Is currently more common in pharmacies. Its principle is to use the oxygen in the air oxidation and reduction in the solution of the process and therefore do not like electrolysis of water as dangerous hydrogen. The machine is running quieter. The product is required to be very tight during handling and use, and it is never allowed to tilt and upside it, otherwise the solution will flow into the oxygen tube and into the nasal cavity, causing serious damage to the user, and the use of oxygenation processes to produce other oxides Oxygen contains chemical substances, and the oxygen consumption of this type of oxygen is relatively large, and it is difficult for the world's best electronic oxygen machine service life to exceed 1000 hours, and it is necessary to ensure that the solution is suitable Of the concentration. Otherwise, can not be normal oxygen. Select the electronic oxygen machine customer maintenance work must be done!

2, molecular sieve oxygen machine

Is a kind of advanced gas separation technology. Physical method (PSA method) directly from the air to extract oxygen, that is made with fresh, natural and natural oxygen pressure of 0.2 ~ 0.3MPa (ie 2 to 3 kg), there is no high pressure Explosive and other dangerous.

3, oxygen-rich oxygen machine

This kind of oxygen machine adopts the membrane oxygen way, through the membrane to the air nitrogen molecular filter, to the outlet oxygen 30% concentration, has the small volume, the electricity consumption is small and so on. However, the use of this way of oxygen produced by the machine is 30% of the concentration of oxygen, slightly higher than the normal air oxygen concentration, more suitable for long-term oxygen therapy, and can not be used for severe hypoxia state of emergency.

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