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The scope of the role of nitrogen equipment
Jul 17, 2017

At present in the field of nitrogen, oxygen uses more carbon molecular sieves and zeolitic molecular sieves. The separation of oxygen and nitrogen through the molecular sieves is based primarily on the different diffusion rates of the two gases on the surface of the molecular sieve. Carbon molecular sieves are carbon-based adsorbents with activated carbon and molecular sieves. The carbon molecular sieve has a very small pore composition with a pore size distribution between 0.3 nm and 1 nm.

Nitrogen production equipment is a traditional nitrogen method, nitrogen equipment has been nearly a few decades of history, nitrogen equipment to air as raw material, after compression, purification, re-use of air heat exchange into air. The liquid space is mainly liquid oxygen and liquid nitrogen mixed, the use of liquid oxygen and liquid nitrogen boiling point is different, at 1 atmosphere, the former boiling point of -183 ℃, the latter is -196 ℃, by liquid distillation, they are separated Get nitrogen.

Nitrogen production opportunities for the necessary equipment for the mine, and for the underground movement of nitrogen, the country's requirements are still more stringent, because the nitrogen generator is a complex equipment in the natural gas production process will be a lot of danger, such as air compressors and other equipment With the ignition phenomenon, it also involves the scope of explosion-proof nitrogen machine, and now the domestic underground explosion-proof nitrogen generator business is still relatively small, and because the country requires more stringent, so the cost and equipment prices are relatively high.

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