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The development of nitrogen generator market
Jul 17, 2017

Nitrogen generator, resulting in a large number of air separation equipment company will follow the market development, such a rule. But the terminal to win more of the nitrogen machine company to win the base position. The development of nitrogen companies must comply with market rules. From a scientific point of view, shopping malls are not disorderly development. According to the discussion, the listing of new products, 4% will be lost, because the choice of the wrong sales shop. Some companies, regardless of strength, play a little bigger. There are some companies rush, further. So they developed the shopping center not from the company's marketing strategy to let the truth leave, nor did it from the mall, but the storm, which is which one. Especially in the new product market, the company that can buy things everywhere, this is a mistake. In the store in a blank, the choice is particularly important.

The use of variable pressure adsorption nitrogen generators continues to expand and increasingly need to be on carbon molecular sieves, which will further promote professional ethics in the future over the years, the industry will become known from some professions. Second, the use of deep, carbon molecular sieve nitrogen, nitrogen recovery rate, bulk density and target compressive strength of the production needs of the progress is getting higher and higher, further development of the performance target will be the future trend of the industry.

The nitrogen generator is compressed by air compressors, obtained by human freeze-drying, PSA nitrogen system as raw material to achieve air dew point requirements, through the filter to remove the raw oil and air in the air, the air intake tank to reduce the pressure Fluctuating, and finally, the pressure regulating valve applies pressure to the rated working pressure, sent to the two adsorbers, the air in the nitrogen separation of feed air into an adsorbent, the output of nitrogen, the other is the adsorber, decompression Desorption regeneration, two adsorbers alternately work, continuous supply of raw materials, nitrogen air continuous output, nitrogen nitrogen buffer tank, through the flow meter measurement, instrument analysis test, qualified nitrogen standby, unqualified nitrogen blowing down, and then open.

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