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Nitrogen installations are used in a growing number of fields
Jul 17, 2017

At present, nitrogen plant is widely used in safety protection gas, gas replacement, nitrogen injection of tertiary oil recovery, coal mine fire and fire, nitrogen atmosphere heat treatment, anti-corrosion explosion, electronics industry, integrated circuits. In the field of nitrogen use more carbon molecular sieve and zeolite molecular sieve. The separation of oxygen and nitrogen by molecular sieves is mainly based on the different diffusion rates of these two gases on the molecular sieve surface. Carbon molecular sieve is a carbon-based adsorbent with both activated carbon and molecular sieve.

Due to the difference in adsorbent, adsorption rate, adsorption capacity and so on, the adsorption capacity of the adsorbent varies with the pressure. Therefore, the PSA nitrogen plant can complete the adsorption separation of the mixed gas under the pressurized condition Process to reduce the pressure of desorption of adsorbed impurities, in order to achieve gas separation and the use of adsorbent recycling.

Psa nitrogen machine, refers to the air as raw material, the use of physical methods to separate the oxygen and nitrogen and nitrogen equipment. Nitrogen generator to high-quality imported carbon molecular sieve (CMS) as adsorbent, using pressure swing adsorption at room temperature (PSA) separation of air to produce high purity nitrogen. Usually using two adsorption tower in parallel, controlled by the import of imported pneumatic valve automatic operation, alternating pressure adsorption and decompression regeneration, the completion of nitrogen and oxygen separation, access to the required high purity nitrogen.

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