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How to choose medical oxygen machine
Jul 17, 2017

The current market, the oxygen is mainly divided into health care and medical equipment category, although the two principles of oxygen roughly the same, but a lot of brands, good quality varies greatly, the function is also very different.

In the use of oxygen machine in the process, the oxygen concentration must reach more than 90% of China's top ten oxygen machine brand, so that long-term oxygen therapy can really play the effect of oxygen therapy. If the oxygen concentration of less than 82%, the patient can drop the effect of treatment, and even no effect.

So, when we buy oxygen machine when we probably pay attention to what?

Core components - molecular sieves

Molecular sieve directly determine the strength of the oxygen concentration of the bump, the better the function of molecular sieve, oxygen and oxygen to continue to be higher and stable.

Need to undergo a rigorous test to verify the durability of molecular sieve, but also with internal multi-level filtering and outstanding thermal layout, it is more able to extend the life of molecular sieve.

Safe and easy to operate

Oxygen concentration instantaneous display function: real-time display monitoring oxygen concentration changes, through the LCD screen allows users to know at any time the oxygen concentration is not always maintained at 90% or more.

Warm oxygen function: equipped with headset heater, 5-15 ℃ oxygen heated to 20-35 ℃ after oxygen industrial oxygen machine, to prevent patients inhalation of cold air on the impact of airway formation. Together, built-in ambient temperature sensor and heating sensor, to ensure product safety.

Three fault alarm: pressure alarm, temperature alarm, power alarm three alarm function to ensure that users safe oxygen.

Machine noise is small: long-term operation of oxygen can affect their own and others of the normal work and rest, so the demand for the use of small noise oxygen machine, the noise level is best less than 45 dB.

User-friendly planning: simple operation (with long-distance remote control better), mobile fast.

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