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How to choose a food nitrogen machine
Jul 17, 2017

Nitrogen generator is involved in machine, electricity, instrumentation set of Transtech Services technology products, in the long-term use of equipment stability is particularly important. We are not difficult to see from the composition of the nitrogen machine, the impact of stability has the following two points:

Under normal use, each programmable valve in each cycle (120 seconds or so) must be switched once, according to the nitrogen machine 300 working days per year, 24 hours a day continuous movement, adsorption and desorption cycle of 4 minutes, Then each valve needs to open every year, off more than 20 million times. And as long as one of the valves will affect the failure of the entire equipment is normal. So the continuous life of the valve is stable and reliable nitrogen is the most important part.

Carbon molecular sieve manufacturers have been specified at the factory, but only as a reference data, how to make the maximum performance of carbon molecular sieve, which with each nitrogen manufacturers of the process and the tower height ratio has a direct relationship, while ensuring that Molecular sieve life is very particular about.

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