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How does the oxygen content of the nitrogen generator exceed the standard?
Jul 17, 2017

The actual amount of gas is calculated as if it is a glass rotor flow or a metal rotor flowmeter: actual flow reading = √ pressure + 1 × reading on the flowmeter If it is a pot flow meter Actual flow reading = (pressure +1) × reading on the flowmeter.

Whether the system leaks, including leakage and leakage, pressure swing adsorption between the several aspects of time control is reasonable, to avoid intermixing, the choice of molecular sieve is appropriate, to be able to well separate oxygen and nitrogen. The equipment is arranged along the wall of the activity board. Air compressor, cold and dry machine should be placed on the outlet or well ventilated place, air compressor and cold and dry machine installation distance should be as large as possible between the two lines as long as possible to Which helps to reduce the compressed air temperature through the atmospheric environment. The installation distance between the equipment at least more than 0.6 meters, the distance between the equipment and the wall at least more than 0.8 meters, the operating surface of the equipment should be easy for the operator to operate in order to facilitate the operation of the operator, nitrogen equipment maintenance personnel operation , Maintenance and repair.

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