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Daily maintenance of household oxygen machine
Jul 17, 2017

Home oxygen machine as one of the three major modern family, in our daily health care play an irreplaceable role. Should we carry out the daily maintenance of the parts of the household oxygen machine to extend its service life?

First, the machine shell:

In the case of cutting off the power supply, the outside of the chassis with a clean soft wet towel dip a little detergent, wipe the outside of the cabinet, and then dry with a dry towel can be, 1 to 2 times a month.

Second, wetting bottles:

We use the machine in the process, will add water in the wet bottle; use the day must remember to drop the water. Wet bottle with a long time in the inner wall attached to a layer of scale, we usually can be three days or so with vinegar soak it for about five minutes, and rinse with water. In addition, 75% of the medical alcohol or disinfectant is disinfected for one week to ensure that we are clean with oxygen.

Third, oxygen tube:

Oxygen suction tube of the nose directly contact our nostrils, is the most in need of maintenance, it is recommended after each use are washed with water. Every week or so to its alcohol or 5% potassium permanganate solution for its disinfection, disinfection and rinse with water and dry. Oxygen can be replaced by two months or so to replace the new use.

Fourth, filter cotton:

The life of the household oxygen generator is closely related to the filter cotton, and the replacement filter filter can protect the molecular sieve and the compressor in order to prolong the life of the oxygen machine. Wash with water washed cotton must be dry and then to the top of the machine, do not install the filter before the cotton do not remember to open the machine. If the filter cotton appears black, it should be cleaned or replaced in time.

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