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Adsorption pressure of nitrogen generator
Jul 17, 2017

Due to nitrogen molecular sieve poisoning, carbon molecular sieve poisoning refers to the use of the manufacturer does not adsorb the inside of the tower, the oil will block the carbon molecular sieve adsorption chamber, can not adsorb oxygen molecules, so the final outflow of nitrogen from the oxygen content of the phenomenon will be high. At present the user should be combined with the production needs of the same air filter and automatic sewage valve, by replacing the defatted activated carbon, the most important thing is to replace the nitrogen machine adsorbent, can restore normal nitrogen capacity.

Crushing the carbon molecular sieves In the production process due to careless, the carbon molecular sieve is not compressed, the carbon residue is washed from the nitrogen outlet or the powder discharged from the muffler outlet, and some of the nitrogen machine compression device is the cylinder pressure lower cylinder alarm limit can be added in time Carbon molecular sieves, causing carbon molecules to crush due to carbon molecular sieve crushing damage, a large number of carbon molecular sieve powder, nitrogen ash, nitrogen can not continue to work, such as the occurrence of nitrogen generator in this failure, the use of units immediately shut down call manufacturers and accountability.

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